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2-in-1 A3 13″ Laminator & Thermal Binder – LTB200

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Thermal Binding Covers

Thermal Binding Covers

Binding Type: Thermal Binding
Compatibility: Thermal Binding Machines
Cover Size: A4 or Letter Size
Spine Thickness: 1~50 mm
Cover Material: Transparent PET+ Paper
Capacity: from 10 sheets to 500 sheets
Color Option: Clear Front Cover + Color Bottom Cover



Introducing our premium Thermal Binding Covers, the perfect solution for creating professional-looking documents with ease. Designed to work seamlessly with thermal binding machines, our covers provide a secure and polished finish to your important projects. Let’s take a closer look at what sets our Thermal Binding Covers apart from the rest.

First and foremost, our covers are specifically designed to work with thermal binding machines, ensuring a hassle-free and efficient binding process. No more struggling with mismatched sizes or subpar quality covers. With our Thermal Binding Covers, you can trust that your documents will be bound professionally every time.

When it comes to size, our covers are perfectly tailored to fit A4 documents (210mm x 297mm) or Letter size document. This standardized size ensures compatibility with most standard documents and guarantees a clean and tidy appearance.

The cover material is made from high-quality transparent PET, providing a crystal-clear finish that allows the title page to shine through effortlessly. Whether it’s a company report, a proposal, or a portfolio, our covers will enhance the overall presentation and make a lasting impression on your readers.

Don’t be deceived by their slim appearance – our Thermal Binding Covers have an impressive capacity that can hold from 10 sheets up to 500 sheets of paper. Thick or thin, our covers can handle your document needs with ease. The added flexibility ensures that you can confidently bind all your important papers in one go.

For a truly professional finish, our Thermal Binding Covers are available in a sleek and elegant clear color option. This versatile choice complements any document, regardless of its content or purpose. Whether you’re presenting financial reports, sales pitches, or creative projects, our covers add a touch of sophistication that sets your work apart.

Each pack of our Thermal Binding Covers contains 40~140 covers, providing you with ample supply to complete multiple projects or maintain a well-stocked office. With our convenient quantity per pack and superior quality, you won’t find yourself running out of covers when you need them the most.

Invest in our Thermal Binding Covers and experience the difference in your document presentations. Combining professional-grade materials, precise sizing, and generous capacity, our covers are the ideal choice for anyone looking to create a lasting impression. Upgrade your binding supplies today and elevate your documents to new heights with our premium Thermal Binding Covers

Additional information

Max Punch

12 sheets

Max Bind

Max 450 Sheets (900 Pages)

Adjustable Punching Margin


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