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1500ml PEM Brown Gas Machine – Hydrogen Water, Therapy and Inhalation Enhanced Health System


2000ml Hydrogen Gas & Water Generator: PEM Hydrolyzer, Brown Gas Machine with Health HHO Torch

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3000ml Hydrogen Generator for Health: PEM Home Hydrogen Producing & Brown Gas Machine with HHO Torch

3000ml Hydrogen Generator for Health: PEM Home Hydrogen Producing & Brown Gas Machine with HHO Torch

Model HC3000
Hydrogen Production:  1500ml/min ~ 2000ml/min
Oxygen Production: 1000ml/min
Hydrogen Purity: Approximately 99.9%
Suitable Water Source: Purified or Distilled Water (Mineral Water is forbiden)
Error Codes provision:  For troubleshooting and easy maintenance
Child Safety Lock: For enhanced safety
Timer Functionality:  Allows for scheduled operation
Automatic Water Refill and Drainage: For user-friendly operation
UV Sterilization Function: For effective bacteria and virus inactivation
Water Injection and Drainage Ports: For easy water management



Introducing our Hydrogen Generator designed specifically for health-centric home settings. This state-of-the-art Home Hydrogen Producing Machine exhibits an exceptional prowess with a hydrogen production capacity of 2000ml/min and a remarkable hydrogen purity level of approximately 99.9%. Devoted to reliability and efficiency, the oxygen production hits a steady 1000ml/min, ensuring comprehensive and robust performance.

Accentuated for health standards, the Hydrogen Generator for Health leverages purified or distilled water, distinctly recommending against the use of mineral water. With a set of intelligible error codes, this pioneering system ensures simplified problem-solving, contributing to its user-friendly approach and easy maintenance.

The Home Hydrogen Producing Machine is carefully engineered with critical safety and convenience features. The integral child safety lock provision underlines our commitment to user safety, while the unique timer functionality allows for accommodating personal schedules with ease.

A significant add-on to these features, the automatic water refill and drainage system optimizes the operational mechanics, making it a harmonious fit for modern homes. Complementing it further, we’ve integrated a UV sterilization function, ensuring efficient inactivation of bacteria and viruses for a clean and safe home environment.

To top it off, the water injection and drainage ports offer an easy route to manage water, making it user-friendly. Our Hydrogen Generator brings health, convenience, and safety to your living rooms, offering you a superior, reliable home health solution.

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