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3000ml Hydrogen Generator for Health: PEM Home Hydrogen Producing & Brown Gas Machine with HHO Torch


1800ml PEM Electrolysis Hydrogen Generator Residential Hydrogen Electrolyzer Personal Hydrogen Water Generator HHO Torch

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2000ml Hydrogen Gas & Water Generator: PEM Hydrolyzer, Brown Gas Machine with Health HHO Torch

2000ml Hydrogen Gas & Water Generator: PEM Hydrolyzer, Brown Gas Machine with Health HHO Torch

Model HC2000
Hydrogen Production:  1300ml/min
Oxygen Production: 700ml/min
Hydrogen Purity: Approximately 99.9%
Suitable Water Source: Purified or Distilled Water (Mineral Water is forbiden)
Error Codes provision:  For troubleshooting and easy maintenance
Child Safety Lock: For enhanced safety
Timer Functionality:  Allows for scheduled operation
Automatic Water Refill and Drainage: For user-friendly operation
UV Sterilization Function: For effective bacteria and virus inactivation
Water Injection and Drainage Ports: For easy water management



Experience the power of hydrogen right at your home with our PEM Residential Hydrogen Generator: an efficient brown gas machine and your personal source of hydrogen production. This compact and powerful household hydrogen generator is specifically designed to deliver a hydrogen production rate of 1300ml/min and an oxygen production rate of 700ml/min, providing a unique combination of efficacy and compact design.

Our generator extracts hydrogen and oxygen with an exemplary purity level of approximately 99.9%, using just purified or distilled water. Mineral water, however, is not advisable. The incorporation of Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) technology in our generator ensures an outstanding performance while maintaining a small footprint. An added HHO Torch for health function unveils the benefits of hydrogen therapy at the comfort of your home.
The design of our Residential Hydrogen Generator is centered on user-friendliness and safety. It features an automatic water refill and drainage system, integrated with water injection and drainage ports for hassle-free water management. A practical child safety lock guarantees accidental operation prevention, while a unique UV Sterilization Function inactivates potential bacteria and viruses.
Alongside remarkable features, our household hydrogen generator comes with an Error Codes provision that simplifies troubleshooting and maintenance, making it a truly home-compatible hydrogen solution. Opt for our Home Hydrogen Production Equipment as a step to healthier living while remaining environmentally conscious.”

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